My name is Liz Venditti and I am a Graphic Designer and Digital Illustrator.

My design specialties include vector illustration, branding & identity, UX/UI, and motion graphics. Most of work is very illustrative and inspired by comic book styles and genres. I believe storytelling through graphic design is the best way to captivate an audience.
Where art is my first passion, my second passion is music. I am a singer/songwriter and guitar player. I have been a trained singer for 10+ years and I perform remotely with my band Housebound Ska Collective. I draw my musical inspirations from all types of genres: folk, punk, ska, rock n roll, r&b, soul, you name it!
Being a creative means everything to me. It means I am able to connect with new people and create relationships through art and music. I hope to connect with you whether it is an illustration commission or a song collaboration!

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